Review of Golf Shoes by Nike

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Nike is a high performance, a superb quality shoe that offers a perfect solution for an outstanding game. Nike always jumps into the competition feet first and endeavors to remain a stride ahead of the rest. Nike’s unique fit frees your feet for an efficient distribution of weight and balance, thus allowing a more substantial drive impact.

The sole of the Nike shoes is designed for a workable grip and equipped with a couple of air units to cushion your feet. Nike has a feature called Forefoot Flex Channel Grooves, which helps your feet to flex properly on any type of terrain, whether the ground underneath your feet is uneven or uniform.

One of Nike’s main goals is to provide lightweight, comfortable insoles, together with water and wind resistance. Nike uses modern advanced technology to create a long-lasting shoe. Features emphasized in the Nike golf shoes are the traction on contact, premium leather, Scorpion Stinger Spikes, and Full-length sock liner. It also offers a 2-year warranty. These are the shoes that pros like Tiger Woods choose to wear—now that says something.

Nike comes out with a different style of the shoe before each significant golf tournament. Only so many of each style is made in order to avoid overstock. If you fall in love with a particular style, buy them while you can. Nike offers a 45-day warranty on their different golf shoes. The design of these shoes creates an easily accessible way to change the spikes in your shoes. They have a Q Lock fastening system. The golfing footwear by Nike is comprised of four different forms of modern technology:

  1. The first one is the Nike Power Channel. It frees your feet to exert more strength and assists the Medical Push Plate and Lateral Stability Plate. The Nike power channel provides longevity and endurance to the rear foot as you swing.
  2. Secondly, the Forefoot Flex Channel allows your foot to flex in a proper, rather than an awkward or strained manner. A golfer needs that comfort and flexibility to walk the course no matter what slanted the terrain.
  3. The third is the Medical Push Plate. This feature helps the inside of the outsole of your golf shoe to contact the ground longer by the use of small nubs projecting from the inside part of the outsole.
  4. Last, the Lateral Stability Plate supplies the weight control when you are shifting back and following through with your swing. Nubs are positioned on the outside of the outsole to hinder you from slipping and sliding on the green while you swing.

A golfer must have steadiness and stability on inclines. The golf shoes have a heel plate designed for the downhill slopes to keep the golfer confident that he or she will not stumble.

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