The extensive use of wooden patio furniture

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Incidentally, rusty patio furniture has recently become more and more modern. In order to bring a natural, nostalgic style into the patio, a controlled rust coloration is actually desired. Above all, cast or wrought-iron furniture with round shapes and ornate ornaments are suitable for this modern design, enchanting your own patio with a touch of romance.

Wooden patio furniture is an absolute classic that has long been very popular due to its natural appearance. However, they generally require more care than coated metal furniture, with the type of wood used has a significant impact.

For example, subtropical teak or Robinia wood is mostly resistant to insect infestation and mold, making them more suitable than other types of wood. It is very important for wood furniture to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for care because each wood behaves differently and requires proper cleaning.

Although modern patio furniture is now specifically designed to withstand the emerging natural conditions, proper outdoor furniture repair and care is indispensable in many cases anyway.

The type of cleaning depends decisively on the material used.

Since wood is a natural material, it is subject to external processes of change over time. Due to heat, cold, wet, dry, and frost, a silver-grey patina eventually forms on the surface. It does not shorten the life of the wood in any way, which is why some gardeners even accept this greying with pleasure. However, if you want to prevent this natural development, you can oil your furniture regularly. It is advisable to do this conscientiously and thoroughly two or three times a year.

Special agents or simply water with salt and a brush help against dirt or other deposits. In the case of severe signs of weathering, you should sand off the damaged surfaces and then apply a special care shave to the dry and dust-free wood. Even if no signs of wear and tear are visible, it is advisable to apply a glaze every three years – this significantly protects the wood. Regardless of which type of wood is used, all wood furniture should be kept in a dry and cool place throughout the winter, if possible, to extend its life.

Wasps use the dead wood fibers of the grey patina for nest building. But do not panic; the damage done by them is usually small. Since the natural wood color is under the thin, grey patina, only egg-shaped color changes remain on the furniture after such a wasp season. During the winter, however, they return to the grey patina.

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