Which golf equipment does a beginner need?

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The good news for beginners: If you want to get a taste of golf, you do not need to get any equipment yet. There are introductory offers that include all the equipment needed on loan. The first steps on the golf course can be done in simple running shoes and a comfortable, weather-adapted clothing. With the handicap, they are to be replaced by golf shoes and a shirt with a collar, it may also be a polo shirt.

Also, very recommendable are golf gloves, because they provide a firm grip and protect against the fact that the club simply slips out of the hand when swinging out. A water bottle is also essential equipment – whether for beginners or advanced. The golf bag holds everything together, including the 14 rackets, and with integrated rack also upright itself. A trolley facilitates your locomotion. Beginners also do not need to reach for the racquets, half a set is sufficient and makes getting to know wood, iron and putter easier. Of course, golf balls are also an important part of the equipment, especially as a beginner you should always have enough of it, but sometimes a lost shot will make you lose one. For more information you can read different golf reviews.

Basic golf tactics for beginners

If the physical requirements are met, the following three tactics can also be helpful to beginners to improve their chances at the tee, on the fairway and the green.

Tactics 1: Analyze holes

Thoughtful division of the holes, so the fairway between the tee and the actual hole, in zones. Good zones offer a favorable starting position for the following strike and a high hit probability.

Tactic 2: Choose a low risk

Prefer zones that provide a good position for the next shot but are easy to hit. It should be noted their own weaknesses, such as a tendency to deviate with the blow to a particular page.

Tactic 3: Pay attention to your own body

Who plays concentrated, easily loses his own body from the eyes. Attention should be paid to physical signs of fatigue and, above all, adequate hydration.

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