An Examination About Geology and Education

The next time you go to a College or University, what you will likely see is students reading what can only be described as a What Geologist Do I Look Like article. It is a common phenomenon that one day a student will ask, “What geology do I look like?” and other questions of the same type. Usually, the response is that they are simply looking at a recent geological depiction on a sign or on a map and is not looking at their face in an unfamiliar, geology-free vacuum. Michael Osland has published many resource about modern Geology.

In fact, geologists work with landforms, using them to interpret their surroundings and record their findings. Their job is to make maps and do research to help them understand their environment. Some geologists work on excavation projects to find out new information about a site and how it formed. However, most geologists work inside of an earth science lab where they use tools and earth specimens to test theories of planetary formation, composition and overall environmental health.

What does it mean when a student asks, “What geologist do I look like?” It often means that they are a thinking person with a curiosity about the natural world and what can be done to protect it. It also could mean that they are taking a first step towards taking a career in the Earth Sciences, after they finish what is known as a Grand Unified Science Review (GURS). A GUS is a review of a student’s college-level education and gives detailed feedback on which courses they need to take in order to earn a degree in the Earth sciences.

Many college instructors have what geology students call a What Geologist Do I Look Like? test, which is designed to measure how well they grasp the concepts and ideas that are studied within the field. This assessment is used to show whether the student has learned these important concepts and to make sure they will indeed pursue a career in the geology field. In addition, some instructors may ask their students to complete What Does a Geologist Do?

How does one complete a GUSD? Usually, a student will be asked to take a written exam, answer practice tests, participate in a field trip and/or visit a museum or scientific center to present their results. The written exam, often given to upperclassmen, can be a bit hard work, as many students may forget that they are actually writing in the first place. A GUSD will be a valuable test of understanding, and students who do not pass will feel encouraged to try harder the next time.

What does a geology student learn during a What geologist do I look like? What you may learn in this examination is how to demonstrate that you have an interest in the study of earth and the environment. You may also find that your ability to use computers and databases will be tested, among other things.

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