Choosing laminate for floor installation in your home

For laminate, the principle applies- layer by layer. In principle, an inexpensive, stabilizing, but the less abrasion-resistant surface is glued to this floor covering with a decorative and robust cover layer.

In the core of the flooring is a wood fiberboard. Underneath lies the insulation and above it the printed decor paper plus seal or the wear layer. The result looks like real wood or stone. Laminate is available in countless colors, with or without a structured surface. With a structured surface, laminate not only looks like wood, but its feel is also modeled on the original.

From this article, you will get to know what advantages and what disadvantages laminate has. In addition, you will learn how much the individual variants cost and for which room this flooring is particularly well suited. After reading this article, you will get to know laminate flooring or engineered hardwood, which component you should choose for flooring.

Few advantages of laminate flooring:

The flooring that pretends to be something other than what it is – namely wood or tile. It has the following advantages-

  1. Wide range of optics

A big advantage is the huge range of optics: pine, walnut, teak, stone, oak white or light gray, with and without pores or structure, cracks or knotholes – you can have it all. Also 25 centimeters wide “planks” are on offer.

  1. Easy installation

Laminate you can lay yourself with a little skill – even in rental apartments. Each manufacturer calls his installation system something different. In principle, the planks are clicked into one another and form a floating floor covering at the end. You can take it with you when moving out again. Some types of laminate are glued to the substrate.

  1. A floor that can stand something

Laminate is robust; even cigarette light leaves almost no marks. The double-digit stress class on the package indicates how much the floor will endure: For the living area, there is a 2 in front, then a 1.2 or 3. Class 23 is, therefore, extra resistant. In addition, there are still the abrasion classes 1 to 5.

  1. Laminate is easy to clean

The flooring is inherently antistatic and stain-resistant. For cleaning, the same applies as for parquet: suck or sweep and then wipe wet, done!

  1. It fits well over a floor heating

A big advantage of laminate is that it is hardly isolated. Therefore, it is well suited as a floor covering over a floor heating, because it lets the heat pass unhindered.

So, these are the reasons why you should choose laminate as a flooring component.

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