Common Mistakes to Avoid During Microblading

Microblading is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the appearance of eyebrows. It involves using small blades to deposit pigment into the skin, giving you the look of fuller and more defined brows. Although microblading can provide excellent results, clients need to take steps to ensure that their experience is a safe and satisfying one. Here are some common mistakes to avoid during microblading.

Not doing your research

It’s important to do your research when choosing a microblading technician. Check their credentials, certifications, and reviews from previous clients before committing to a particular artist. Do the best microblading training courses and look into the artists’ portfolios to ensure they have enough experience.

Not being prepared

Before getting microblading done, it’s important to prepare yourself physically and mentally. This can include avoiding direct sun exposure before the procedure to taking a few days off work to relax after the session.

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Skipping aftercare instructions

Your microblading technician will provide you with aftercare instructions that you must follow closely. This includes avoiding water and makeup on the area and staying out of direct sunlight for the first few days.

Not taking into account your skin type

The results of your microblading session will depend in part on your skin type. Make sure to talk to your technician about any allergies or sensitivities you may have prior to the procedure.

Choosing the wrong color

Before getting microblading done, choosing a color that suits your skin tone and hair color is essential. Going too dark can result in an unnatural look while going too light can make your brows look washed out.

Not correctly assessing the client’s skin type

The microblading procedure assesses the client’s skin type. Microblading technicians must consider factors such as the thickness and elasticity of the skin to ensure that the right techniques are being used.

Not disinfecting properly

Another common mistake during microblading is failing to disinfect the area before starting. This is a crucial step that must not be overlooked, as it will help to prevent infections and other complications.

Not using the correct needle size

The type of needle used during microblading can significantly impact the results. Depending on the thickness and texture of your skin, it’s important to use the right needle size for the best results.

Applying too much pressure while microblading

Applying too much pressure while microblading can cause damage to the skin and leave it looking patchy. It’s important to apply light, consistent pressure instead to avoid this.

Not following up with clients

Microblading technicians must follow up with their clients after a session to ensure satisfactory results. This can involve sending follow-up emails or scheduling check-up appointments.

Not keeping up to date

Microblading is constantly evolving, with new techniques and methods being constantly developed. Microblading technicians must stay up-to-date on the latest advancements to provide their clients with the best possible results.


Microblading can give you the perfect eyebrows, but you must be aware of the common mistakes you should avoid. By taking these steps, your microblading experience will be safe and satisfying.

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