How to choose the best drug addiction recovery center?

Addiction recovery is a process to break the drug addiction cycle. Indeed, it helps when an addict knows he/she had a problem and wants the treatment, and many of the people I have encountered are in that category. But it’s interesting to see how many are not. In our discussions, we offer a 1 to 5 scale of each person’s buy-in. That is, are they fighting the treatment, or are they surrendering to the treatment process?

  1. The first point on the scale is total rebellion. They are there because somebody said they had to be there.
  2. The second position on the scale is somewhat compliant, meaning they will offer a degree of cooperation, but they are not thrilled with it.
  3. The middle mark is compliant, and that simply means they will cooperate.
  4. The fourth point on the scale is moving closer, which means that the person is not only cooperating, but they are starting to internalize the program, and they want more.
  5. The final stage is total surrender, and at that point, the person is not only wanting the treatment but claiming everything for themselves. This is a complete buy-in. They not only comprehend what the program is offering, but they are apprehending every morsel.

No matter where somebody is on that scale, treatment can be effective. They can learn to break their drug addiction cycle. Slowly over time, they move from 1 – Total Rebellion to 5 – Total Surrender. The question is, how bad does their life have to become before they learn how to break their drug addiction cycle?

The short answer is no; they can still be helped by treatment even if they don’t initially want treatment. Regardless of the person’s individual attitudes, the treatment can still help them even if they don’t want to be treated. When there is pressure to receive treatment, addicts can successfully receive help.

Knowing the addiction level plays the most crucial role in the entire process of addiction recovery. However, every patient has a different mental and physical condition. These things should be closely monitored before starting of the detoxification process. However, some patients recover from drug addiction by counseling and taking a few medications, while some need intensive care, which is also known as inpatient care.

In drug rehab centers in Minnesota, different types of addiction recovery programs are offered to the patients depending on their physical, mental condition, and addiction level. It is essential to know the addiction in person before starting the actual treatment.

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