How To Get Into The Music Industry

I’ve received a few emails from readers asking how to get into the music industry. The music industry is a very competitive market when it comes to jobs. Often times you need real-world experience to break into the music industry. Being a fan of music or having a degree isn’t all it takes.

Starting to work in the music industry will be difficult at first. Don’t shoot for the majors right out of the gate. You need to build up your experience. Start browsing local classified ads for bands in need of help. Often times you can start off helping the band set up the stage, book some shows, or sell their merch. If you have some friends in a band, ask to help them out. If you are interested in a career in recording, call up some local recording studios and ask the intern. Even if you end up making coffee runs and cleaning up after bands you will be able to get experience and make connections. The best way you can learn the music industry is to work. Try as many different things as you can before settling on one area.

How To Get Into The Music Industry, the DIY Approach

Getting into the music industry can always be taken the DIY route. Instead of trying to land a job working at a label or at an agency, start your own. I started my booking agency in 2005 with nothing more than a website and a goal. I began reaching out to bands looking for local shows and tours and built a roster of active touring bands. I was able to get the music industry experience I was looking for, and make some money at the same time. That label branched into a record label after about a year of success and it kept growing into a full time job with an office and a staff.

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