How to Repair Splintered Wood Deck

If your wooden deck has been splintered and you want to know how to repair splintered wood decking, you should read this article. Splintered decking can happen for many reasons, including storm damage and decay. It is important to repair splints quickly before the wood becomes weak and can break under pressure. Deck repair is fast and easy with these tips and tricks listed here.

If your wooden deck has been splintered, this doesn’t mean instantly replace all of your deck materials. Replacing splintered wood usually costs much more than repairing splintered timber. To fix splintered sanding is an easy thing to accomplish as sandpaper is usually all you need.

Some decking materials are not as easy to work with using sandpaper. Some deck repairs require power washing to restore the deck to its former beauty. Power washing can also fix splintered deck stains. However, it is very expensive. To power wash, follow these tips: using a power washer, always start on the outer side of the board, never on the middle. Use more water than indicated on the package; it should be no more than 8 cups of water per gallon.

The first tip for repairing splintered wood deck stains is to sand the stain out. Most stains can be easily sanded out, especially if you have a power washer. Start at the edges where there is the most cracking and then sand the whole surface down. In addition to removing the cracks in the wood, sanding also removes any excess water or moisture that may be left on the surface.

The second step for repairing splintered deck stains is to apply an acid-based stain remover. Follow the directions on the stain remover closely. It is important that you test the acid stain remover on a small hidden area of the splintered deck before applying it to the whole surface. If the acid is not compatible with the surface, it will not dissolve the stain, but it will cause discoloration. Discoloration can become permanent and very unattractive, especially if it occurs near a pool.

These tips are very helpful for how to repair splintered deck boards. If you follow them, the repair process will be a lot less time-consuming and costly. Your deck will look as good as new without having to spend a lot of money to achieve this goal. You will also be able to enjoy using your splintered deck for years to come without having to worry about its durability.

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